Sign Permits

Before installing or posting a temporary or permanent sign, businesses must obtain a sign permit. The primary function of regulating signage to promote the general welfare and public interests of the community, including consideration of public safety, consistency with the comprehensive plan, aesthetic compatibility, and economic vitality.

Political Signs

Political signs are permitted on private property. Signs may not be posted in the public right-of-way or on public property. This includes telephone poles, power poles, street lights, street signs, trees, or on sidewalks, in crosswalks or on curbs. Signs illegally posted will be removed by the Borough, and the persons responsible for posting them may be assessed the costs of the cleanup and removal.

The candidate must have permission from the property owner to place their sign on private property. Property owners may remove signs placed on their property without permission.

For questions regarding placement of political signs, please contact the Code Enforcement Office at (215) 345-4140.