Doylestown Borough requires permits for many things. If you are contemplating doing work, renting a space, or opening a new business in Doylestown please make sure you have the proper permits. The Building and Zoning Department office is happy to help. The links below provide many of the forms and information you may need.

Common projects needing permits include:


All construction work must conform to the requirements of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. The UCC Administration and Enforcement regulation has adopted the following codes for use throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

Online Borough Code of Ordinance


A building permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, add to, alter, repair, replace, improve, remove, install, or maintain any structure or building. This includes accessory buildings such as pools, decks over 30 inches off the ground, garages or car ports, etc. The provisions of the Borough of Doylestown Code of Ordinances and the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code control the requirements for building permits.

Commercial Building Permits and information includes plumbing, mechanical, electrical, accessibility, etc.

Business and Commercial Occupancies - regardless of owner or tenant occupation.

Other common permit projects:

The information provided in this guide is intended only to assist individuals in understanding the code requirements. It is not a complete recitation of the code. Property owners should consult the Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance for answers to specific questions.