The Borough is a leader in environmentally conscious living. Our Environmental Advisory Council is at the forefront in guiding municipal efforts. There are many avenues to making your home or business more environmentally friendly. When doing a renovation or construction project, use our Green Points program to reduce your permit fees.

Doylestown has joined the Audubon's Bird Town initiative to promote landscaping systems and restored natural heritage.

Solar and Geothermal energy are encouraged.

Chickens & Bees

  • Chickens and bees are much better suited for a town environment than some people might think at first. Keeping of both are permitted in the Borough subject to meeting certain requirements. Important chicken considerations to know about include:
  • Chickens shall be kept confined in quarters no part of which shall be closer than 25 feet from the exterior limits of any dwelling or of any property line. The pen must be of a size conducive to good sanitary practices and adequate and sanitary drainage facilities shall be provided.
  • Litter and droppings must be cleaned up daily and disposed of promptly & food must be kept in a sealed container that rats and mice can not get into.
  • For specific detailed information please check the Online Code of Ordinances by opening the link and typing chicken in the search box.