Background: The provisions of the PAUCC. ICC Property Maintenance Code, and the Borough of Doylestown Code of Ordinance shall control the requirement for repairing and replacing roofs and windows.


  • Roof Repair - Replacement of damaged shingles or sections up to 20% of the surface of the roof.
  • Window Repair - Replacement of broken glass and repainting.
  • Replacement in kind - Replacement with an identical item.

Permit Requirements

Replacement of a roof or windows requires a Roof or Window permit. Installation, replacement or major repair of any structural component of roof or window structures (trusses, headers, rafters, etc.) for existing buildings requires a Building Permit.

No Permit is required when an area of less than 20% of the roof is being re-roofed or repaired, or windows are being repaired or replaced in kind without any alteration to the structure, however, all work must meet the requirements of the 2018 International Building (IBC) and the manufacturer’s instructions. Failure to secure a permit when necessary may result in violations, fines and necessitate the removal of installed structures.

Historic District

If you are located in the historic district and you are making changes to the exterior of your property that can be seen from the street and exceed $2,000 please review the HARB Certificate of Appropriateness requirements.

Roofing Requirements

  • Ice and water shield must be installed a minimum of 24” inside the exterior wall.
  • Provide drip edge metal at eaves and gable ends. Eave and gable drip edge metal shall extend a minimum of 2 inches on to the roof surface, and 1-1/2 inches over the exposed decking edge.
  • If hot work is being done on the roof a fire extinguisher must be present on the roof during all work hours.
  • Propane tanks musts be removed from the roof at the end of each work day.
  • A maximum of two (2) asphalt, fiberglass, or low slope roofing systems are permitted. A new roof MAY NOT be installed over any of the following systems: slate, wood shake, asbestos or clay tile.
  • Roof sheathing must be a minimum 1/2” sheathing when installed over rafters 16” on center. All rafters more than 16” apart require a minimum of 5/8” roof sheathing with H clips.
  • Proper flashing and counter flashings at chimneys, skylights, floor-wall transitions, as required by the roofing material and manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Window Requirements

  • Replacement windows must have .35 maximum U-factor
  • Single-pane windows only permitted if these standards are met (generally through application of e-coating)
  • NFRC labels on windows for inspection

Inspection Required

  • A tear off inspection, done when the old materials are removed.
  • A final inspection is required when the work is complete.

Permit Application

The information provided in this guide is intended only to assist residents in understanding the code requirements for roofing and fenestration.