Temporary Signs

Permits are required for temporary signs such as those announcing a grand opening or a special event. Temporary signs shall not exceed 12 square feet in area.

A temporary “banner” sign permit allow posting a sign no earlier than two weeks before the occurrence of the event to which it relates. The sign must be removed within 20 days after the date of the exhibit, show or event.

The permit form can be downloaded here and submitted by mail or in person at Borough Hall.

A-Frame Signs

Freestanding “A – Frame” signs are permitted by license in RC Retail Commercial, RC-1, Retail Commercial 1, CC Central Commercial and FC Freestanding Commercial districts subject to specific limitations.

A-Frames are limited to no more than 5 or less than 3 feet high and no more than 2 foot wide with a total of no more than 6 square foot per face.

Licenses are issued yearly with a maximum of 10 licenses for such signs permitted to issue in any separately designated zoning district. The application period opens January 1 for each year and once ten licenses have been issued in a district no further licenses will be issued.

The A-Frame license application form can be downloaded here and submitted by mail or in person at Borough Hall. Please make sure your application is complete and all necessary documentation is attached so it can be processed with out delay.

When you submit your application, please attach a certificate of insurance in an amount not less than $250,000.00 covering the location and placement of the sign and naming the Borough of Doylestown as an insured party. With your application, we will need a diagram of your sign showing its exact measurements. Also, please include a diagram showing the placement of your A Frame Sign along with the measurements from the building and curb. Your application will not be accepted without all of this information.

Please note that all new signs must be submitted to and reviewed by HARB before a license will be issued.

The information provided in this guide is intended only to assist residents in understanding the code requirements for signs. It is not a complete recitation of the code. Property and business owners should consult the Doylestown Borough Code of Ordinance for answers to specific questions.