We're in this together

Operation Dtown

Our small business community in Doylestown Borough needs your support now more than ever. Local business owners and their families have struggled with the impact of COVID-19. These same businesses support many non-profit organizations and community causes throughout the year. Now it is our turn to help them get back on their feet and on the road to reopening.

Doylestown Borough stands behind our business community and has launched the initiative Operation Doylestown to bring your favorite stores and restaurants outdoors, creating a safe and socially-distanced experience. Join us in town for expanded outdoor dining, local shopping, services/hospitality and cultural destinations, and pedestrian areas. Together we are working to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for you.

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Drawing inspiration from 56 years of community support

Operation 64

Operation Doylestown derives its name from a nationally-recognized campaign, Operation 64, which was designed to preserve and revitalize the town. A small group of business owners and residents worked together to prevent the demolition and closure of Doylestown's iconic historic district and small businesses. At a time when small towns were struggling across the nation, a few hard-working people created a plan that empowered a community to come together and thrive. Today we look back on this incredible movement, which was publicly presented in June of 1964 and draw many parallels to the challenges facing our small businesses and residents. Learn more about Operation 64.

Our business community is ready and excited to safely welcome you back. Starting June 5, 2020 our region begins to reopen. Be sure to look at outdoor shopping, dining, and pop-up marketplaces as opportunities to explore.