Meets 2nd Monday at 7:00 pm

This council subcommittee is responsible for:

  • Review of all pending Zoning Hearing Board applications and make a determination as to whether the subject application will have a significant impact on overall Borough Land Use policy, and if so, may choose to recommend to the full Borough Council that they authorize the solicitor to attend the hearing to represent the interests of the Borough.
  • Review of all proposed Zoning and Land Use Ordinance Amendments and forward to the Planning Commission for their review.
  • Review of recommendations forwarded from the Historic & Architectural Review Board and forward them onto the full Borough Council with or without comment or advice.
  • Review of applications for Land Development Waivers prior to their forwarding to the Planning Commission and authorize their consideration by the Planning Commission as a Waiver type application.
  • Review of proposed amendments and programs concerning the Uniform Construction Code.
  • Review of all recommendations from the Planning Commission concerning Land Developments and Subdivisions, Land Development Waivers, and Ordinance Amendments and shall forward onto Borough Council with a Committee recommendation for consideration.
  • Making recommendations to the full Borough Council concerning planning studies or projects to be undertaken by the Planning Commission.


  • Tim Brennan (Chair)
  • Larry Browne
  • Jen Jarret
  • Wendy Margolis