Meets: 2nd Thursday at 6 pm

This council sub-committee is responsible for:

  • The oversight of the activities of the Borough Manager, as defined by Borough ordinance.
  • Preparation, review and presentation of the annual Borough budgets.
  • Monitoring the financial affairs of the Borough, and shall make recommendations on any issue affecting Borough finance.
  • Oversight of all investments including, but not limited to, the general fund, reserve fund and police pension fund.
  • Oversight and review of the annual financial statements and audit.
  • Insurance and benefits made available to borough employees.
  • Setting Personnel Rules and Regulations applicable to all full and part time employees.
  • Oversight of all personnel management issues involving borough employees.

This sub-committee acts as a liaison between Borough Council and the elected real estate collector and appointed earned income tax and local services tax collector.


  • Noni West, Chair
  • Ben Bell
  • Tim Brennan
  • Joe Frederick