Mayor's Statement Accompanying a Declaration of State of Emergency

Today, as Mayor of Doylestown Borough, I am issuing a Declaration of State of Emergency for our Borough. I am asking Doylestown Borough Council to ratify this Declaration, without expiration, for as long as the Governor's State of Emergency remains in effect.

I am doing this to enable us to meet this pandemic effectively and prudently and to insure that our Borough government and community institutions and businesses and individuals are eligible for Federal assistance and State assistance to the extent that it is made available. Your local government needs to have the tools necessary to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19, and use those tools in the context of our democratic way of life.

I believe that voluntary compliance and cooperation will continue to be the norm throughout the duration of this crisis. Anything but that would be inconsistent with all that we work toward in building and strengthening community. First and foremost will be securing the health and wellbeing of our community. If we show failure in those efforts, this State of Emergency and the emergency response that it authorizes could aid in our success. I am fully aware that our quality of life is being altered and diminished in significant ways as we fight this pandemic together. When we beat COVID-19, we will need to turn toward rebuilding the strength and vibrancy of our great town. In that, as well as the fight itself, I know we will be up to the task.

Make no mistake, it is in our power to modify the results of this pandemic. Social distancing has become the norm, and we do it voluntarily and with determination toward giving evidence to the expression that "we are all in this together". We still need to get better with it and we still need to make sure that there are no exceptions to practicing it. We must adhere to physical separation guidelines at the same time that we are becoming aware of the need to put into place mitigation measures to prevent a rebound of this terrible virus. There is no room for complacency and there are no acceptable excuses.

Ron Strouse, Mayor

April 1, 2020

Declaration of State of Emergency

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