Doylestown Borough’s 2023 Budget calls for a half mill increase in the Road Improvement Fund property tax levy, restoring it to its 2020 level. This small increase will provide $57,600 in additional funds for road paving at a cost of $15.10 to the average Borough property tax payer. All other Borough tax rates will remain the same as in 2022.

The average homeowner will pay $553.87 in total Borough Real Estate taxes in 2023. The Doylestown Borough Real Estate Tax continues to be the smallest portion of a Borough homeowner’s overall Real Estate Tax bill, accounting for 10.69% of the total taxes paid.

Despite ultimately ranking the fourth lowest in the region, water rates will increase 11% in 2023 as the Borough deals with requirements for additional treatment and testing and a significant increase in chemical costs.

In addition, a new $5 per unit per quarter Capital Fee will be implemented to support the Water Capital Fund as the Borough faces significant capital costs over the next five years due to aging infrastructure and PFOS/PFAS contamination.

The Borough’s Reserve Fund will be supplemented in 2023 by $765,000 in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds, a $250,000 DCNR Grant, and $100,000 in private donations. This will help to offset the cost of an ambitious capital program highlighted by a state-mandated MS4 stormwater improvement project at Fonthill Castle and Phase 2 of the Broad Commons Park project.

The full Budget Message can be found here.

The 2023 Adopted Fund Budgets can be found here.

The 2023 Budget Schedules can be found here.