As you may know, Doylestown Borough and Doylestown Township have been working hard to bring you a robust network of walking and bicycle trails for over 25 years. Recently, a $30k grant was awarded through the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s trails program for a feasibility study centered along Route 202 between Central Park and Route 313. This 2.8-mile-long project will help connect the 30+ mile Doylestown Community Bike and Hike network to Buckingham Township and extend the very popular 202 Parkway Trail. We invite you to attend a virtual public meeting to share your feedback on the progress of this project to date.

In a 3-D virtual setting, you will be able to:

  • Review project information
  • Explore alternative trail alignments
  • Learn about anticipated opportunities and challenges of this project
  • Share feedback to help guide this project towards a successful completion.

The virtual public meeting room will be hosted for a two-week time period from February 14 to 28 and can be found at this link:

We look forward to your much-needed feedback to help progress this important link in the Bike and Hike network.