The Doylestown Community Bike and Hike Committee has a goal to connect their communities to the major natural, cultural, and commercial resources in the area through a comprehensive walking and bicycling trail network. For several years, Bucks County, the Circuit Coalition and other stakeholders have been discussing the concept of a trail facility along the Route 202 corridor between Doylestown and New Hope. This route was part of the original Doylestown Community Bike & Hike plan envisioned over 25 years ago and is aimed at connecting residential neighborhoods to the major places of employment in Central Bucks including the Doylestown Hospital, Central Bucks School District, and County of Bucks governmental offices. All of which are within pedestrian / bicycle commuting distance of the proposed trail. This planning and feasibility study will help advance completion of a critical section of the 202 Trail between Doylestown Borough/Township and Buckingham Township. This 2.8‐mile‐long project will help connect the 30+ mile Doylestown Community Bike and Hike network to Buckingham Township and extend the very popular 202 Parkway Trail.

202 Trail Planning and Feasibility Study can be found here.