Borough Leaf Collection

Doylestown is one of the few towns that collects resident’s leaves curbside at no charge. If this public service was “privatized,” it would likely cost each resident hundreds of dollars in leaf-hauling charges every year. So that the Borough can continue to provide this free service in these tough economic times, we ask Borough residents to follow three simple rules when placing your leaves out for pickup.

Rule #1

  • Only ever put LEAVES out for collection.
  • Many times people seem to confuse “Leaf Collection” for “branch pickup” (which we do in the spring). Leaf collection is only for leaves that can be vacuumed-up by our leaf machines. We have had rocks and bricks thrown into these piles and they get sucked up into the machines and damage them - and place our workers risk. It is unlawful to place anything other than leaves out for Fall Leaf Collection.

Rule #2

  • Pile leaves atop the curb in your yard.
  • Place leaves on the grass at the curb edge, but not in the street and gutter (when feasible). Leaves in the street and gutter get wet, block gutter flow, and wash into storm drains. When there is room, put the leaves atop the curb and out of the street.

Rule #3

  • Leaves should be placed out Monday morning of your scheduled weeks.
  • Each service district in the Borough has two collections. If you miss your weeks, you can drop off your bagged leaves at our 300 Harvey Avenue facility.

Thank you for your consideration.

2023 Leaf Schedule