Meets: Second Thursday, 5:15 pm


The purpose of the Economic Development Advisory Board, shall be to keep Doylestown Borough Council informed of the economic conditions in the Borough and to develop, recommend, and execute strategies to maintain and enhance its economic vibrancy. The Board shall undertake projects in furtherance of its purpose at the direction of Borough Council.

The board will work to maintain the viability of existing businesses and to attract new businesses and private investment. It will advise Borough Council on issues that impact economic development including, parking, walk ability, physical appearance, business mix, grant opportunities, transportation, job creation, public improvement and services, and the promotion of tourism.

The board will be the liaison with the business community and with organizations involved with economic development and will engage with residents with regard to economic development issues that impact them.

2019 Goals:

Promote Doylestown Borough

  • Work with the Bucks County Visitors Bureau to coordinate efforts
  • Participate in efforts to develop a Visitor's Center
  • Promote public transportation including Dart and the Delaware Valley University link
  • Address the reconsideration of historical district boundaries where there are discrepancies between local and national registries

Foster Economic and Sustainable Development

  • Work with the Borough regarding the development of the Penn DOT site at Broad Street and Doyle Street
  • Continue to play an active role promoting Doylestown in regional markets
  • Promote a healthy business mix and identify opportunities for business recruitment
  • Strengthen the positive link between the town center and the surrounding neighborhoods

Encourage Community Involvement

  • Form stronger bond with the downtown businesses
  • Administer the Mayor's Award for Stewardship program
  • Work with Delaware Valley University to promote a strong cooperative relationship
  • Create, distribute and analyze community surveys
  • Promote community participation in D-mail, Twitter and other social media while working to identify additional means of communication with the community
  • Continue to reach out to the rental community
  • Promote and support walking in town and neighborhoods


  • Rick Brown
  • Brian Guerriero
  • Patricia Keppler
  • Richard Lyons
  • Heather Mahaley
  • Otto Mills
  • Lois Opdyke
  • John West