Sealed bids will be received by Doylestown Borough for the purchase of any and all right, title, and interest of Doylestown Borough in and to a parcel of land consisting of 1.3 total acres, more or less, subdivided from Tax Map Parcel Number 08-004-030, and consisting of three lots known as the Harvey Avenue/Shady Retreat Subdivision, with Lot 1 consisting of 20,905 square feet, Lot 2 consisting of 17,319 square feet, and Lot 3 consisting of 18,490 square feet, all located along Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 18901, and as depicted on the Harvey Avenue/Shady Retreat Subdivision Plan, Sheets 1 and 2, prepared by Gilmore & Associates, Inc. dated March 5, 2021 (“Subdivision Plan”) with a revision date of May 13, 2021.

For notice and forms, please see:

Invitation for Bids for Doylestown Borough Real Estate

Bid Submittal Form

Harvey Avenue / Shade Retreat Road Subdivision Plan

Draft Purchase Agreement