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Snow Hauling

Snow Hauling on Harvey Ave. and Hamilton St. Tomorrow (Wednesday Feb 12th)

The Public Works Department is continuing to clean-up after the 3 winter storms in the past 8 days and in anticipation of more snow.  Crews are attempting to push-back and haul snow piles that have been left behind around town.  In anticipation of the next storm, we will be hauling snow off of Hamilton Street and Harvey Avenue beginning at 7am Wednesday, February 12th (Tomorrow).  These narrow streets will be posted with no-parking signs today in anticipation of these operations.  Please assist us in clearing these streets and find alternative parking during the daytime on Wednesday.  These snow hauling operations will be completed by 3:00pm Wednesday and parking may resume. But please note that parking on-street during snow storms prevents us from plowing back to the curb and results in large piles left in the parking spaces and narrowed travel lanes.  

New Snow Emergency Declaration Anticipated for Wednesday Night through Thursday

Another major snowstorm is predicted for the area Wednesday Night. We anticipate the Mayor will declare a Snow Emergency at around 9pm Wednesday evening.  Because there is little room for more snow on our narrow streets and parking spaces, we ask that cars be removed from all streets and especially including the designated snow emergency routes.  Cars left on designated snow emergency routes will be ticketed and towed as necessary to clear these critical routes for snow fighting operations.

Frozen Snow Piles Present Dangers for Plow Operators

Because the snow from the past three storms is still present, and now frozen solid, snow fighting operations will be especially difficult for this next storm.  Snow plows cannot move the frozen piles left from the prior storms, and plows can be broken and drivers injured when these are hidden by fresh snow.  Please be patient with snow fighting operations as we will be unable to plow curb-to-curb due to frozen snow, which will be covered with fresh snow and not necessary obvious.  Please do not push your snow into the streets as it will just be pushed back onto your or your neighbor’s property the next time the plow comes through.

The Borough understands the difficulties and hardships faced by our residents and appreciates our citizen’s fortitude and resilience in this difficult winter season. 

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