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2014 Doylestown Borough Budget

Borough of Doylestown 2014 Budget Message
A recovering economy, five years of budget austerity, and cost savings from police regionalization and a new labor agreement, have allowed the 2014 Doylestown Borough Preliminary  Budget to hold the line on taxes and rates.  This was accomplished while preserving all Borough programs and services, and addressing major Public Works and Water facility challenges.  Even with the recovery of key revenues, however, austerity remains the watchword with modest operating expenditure increases and a capital budget well below the Borough's 20-year average.

General Fund Budget

The 2014 Preliminary General Fund Budget holds the line on taxes while preserving  all programs  and services. The Budget holds expenditures to a 2.12% increase, including $98,206 in police operating budget savings resulting from regionalization and a favorable new labor agreement. The fund also benefits from a $222,146 transfer from the Borough's reserve representing the General Fund Capital outlay.

 A homeowner assessed at the Borough average will pay $330.85 in 2013. Borough property taxes will represent eight percent (8%) of resident's  overall property tax bill.

Water Fund Budget

The Borough's Preliminary  Water Fund Budget holds the line on rates, which will remain the fourth lowest in the region in 2014. The Budget includes a $147,315 transfer from the Reserve Fund representing the Department's capital outlay. By actually decreasing other spending,the Budget is able to absorb $43,004 in debt service on the 2013 radio read water meter upgrade without a rate increase. The Budget includes significant new revenue from a new "wheeling fee" from the Doylestown  Township  Municipal Authority (DTMA), compensating the Borough for the use of the Borough's pressure and infrastructure in running the DTMA's system.

Capital Budget

The Borough's Capital Budget will once again be fully funded by the Reserve Fund. Since its creation, over $11 Million in revenue generated by the fund has been used to support the Borough's budget.  This support is the equivalent  of 87 mills (4.4 mills per year) and a 183% water rate increase (12% per year). For the fifth consecutive year, the 2014 Capital Budget of $369,461 is  well below the Borough's 20-year average.

The Water Department will be installing a back-up generator  at a second well in 2014 at a cost of $85,000,strengthening the Borough's ability to withstand weather related power failures.  In addition,$26,500 will be expended to outfit the Department's new lab.

The Borough's share of the first Central Bucks Regional Police Department Capital Budget will be partially offset by a $60,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Highlighting the Department's budget are two new patrol vehicles at a cost of $70,000.  The Department had held off on any vehicle replacement  in 2013 pending the finalization of the new regional force.

Although the design is not yet finalized,$25,000 has been budgeted for traffic calming improvements on East State Street and East Ashland Street in the vicinity of their intersection.

The Borough will receive a Community Development Block Grant in 2014 in the amount of $99,887 for the resurfacing of Mercer  and Chapman Avenues along with associated curb and handicap ramp upgrades.

Finally, approximately $47,000 in funds remaining from the 2013 loan will be used to extend the new storm water system on Hickory Drive onto Chestnut Drive.

 Full Budget information is available here.

John Davis

Borough Manager






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