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Christmas Tree Recycling

Announcements will be made each year when residents may drop off their Christmas trees (free of all ornaments, garland tinsel and nails) at the Borough Public Works yard for shredding and recycling.

Routine Street Sweeping

The Borough's street sweeping program begins in the spring and runs through September.  No parking signs notifying you of parking restrictions on the scheduled days are installed on the routes. Please cooperate with the rules and restrictions by removing parked cars and any other obstructions so that you and your neighbors can benefit from this program.

Spring Branch Pick-up

Announcements will be made when spring branch pickup commences. The Public Works Department provides the service of branches pickup from residential properties. Please follow these guidelines:

You must contact the Borough Office (prior to the collection day) to schedule a collection at your property.

Tree branches should be 6" or less in diameter and cut to workable lengths of six to eight feet, capable of processing through our brush chipper.

Please keep in mind that this program is only for disposal of tree branches. Small sticks, root balls and hedge clippings should be collected by arrangement with residents' private trash service.

Leaf Collection

You can rake your leaves to the curb for the Public Works crew to collect them each fall. Please remember that we will be collecting the leaves with our vacuum equipment, which is designed to pick up only leaf waste. We cannot pick up piles of leaves that contain excessive quantities of sticks, stones, hedge clippings, plant materials, and other trash.

Leaf Collection Map and Schedule

Household Hazardous Waste Collections (click for printable flyer)

What do you do with household hazardous wastes in your home when it is necessary to dispose of them? Your waste hauler does not want hazardous waste mixed in with your household trash nor does he want any liquids for that matter. Therefore, you may have begun to wonder what is the proper way to dispose of this material? If so, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program is for you.

The intent of the program is to provide an environmentally responsible way to dispose of hazardous materials and to provide residents with information on how to produce less hazardous waste in the future. For example: when purchasing products that may be hazardous, only buy enough material for the intended purpose, or be sure, as a DIY auto mechanic, that you regularly take your used motor oil to auto service centers that are willing to accept it.

The collection program consists of at least twenty-five collection days scheduled throughout southeastern Pennsylvania of which eight are scheduled in Bucks County.

How do I get rid of...?

The borough does not provide trash and recycling services. You may contract with a private hauler. A list of the haulers we know operate in the borough is available at this link.

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